Welcome to Fly T-WEoN documentation!

The Fly Tool for Weighted Epigenomic Network (Fly T-WEoN) is a Cytoscape app that incorporates a filtering method to determine context-specific gene regulatory networks (GRNs). The method employs diverse data to filter out regulatory connections between genes. The tool uses histone modifications through Chromatin Inmunoprecipitation followed by DNA sequencing (ChIP-seq), gene expression through RNA-seq, and chromatin accesibility through DNase-seq data to perform analysis of a GRN. A serie of heuristic filters removes experimentally determined and computational inferred regulations (such as Transcription factors and regulatory RNAs) from a GRN considered as a Reference Network (e.g. a GRN with all known connections, regardless the developmental stage or cell type). The corresponding context-specific GRN considers weighted information, and the generated network can be further analyzed within the Cytoscape software.

Please write directly to us (Leandro Murgas, Alberto JM Martin) or post an issue at the Github repository if you encounter any problem.

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